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Founded: no data

Government: Corporation

Religion: None

Home Planet: unknown

Main Planet: unknown

Territory Size: unknown

Focus: Mining Operations & Manufacturing

– Bipedal humanoid (metabolism seems to differ slightly from Terrans)
– Polaris Corporation is a large multisystem corporation with reach that extends well beyond surveyed space.
– Primary provider of materials, tech and devices for different 3rd party companies (Bertram, InterWeap, Servant.)
– Controls the majority of mining and refinery operations in surveyed space (UCH intel indicates a possible monopoly.)
– Relationship with Zirax unclear. Zirax installation infiltration suggests deep involvement with the empire, but this fact has yet to be confirmed.

Additional Intel:
– Polaris Corporation has two subsidiaries – Polaris Space Industries (PSI) and Polaris Mining Company (PMC).


Current Relationship with UCH: Neutral

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