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You wake up on a derelict research ship, alarm blaring, red lights flashing. Strange organic tendrils stretch across the walls and ceiling. Your survival depends on what you do next.

Dark Faction is the first ever DLC for Empyrion – Galactic Survival, adding a new story scenario along with several new features and a galaxy-spanning threat that completely changes how you experience the game.

A New Story

Plunge into an intense survival story from the moment you enter the world. After waking up on a research ship drifting in orbit over a blood-red planet, discover what has befallen the crew and your friends. This scenario pulls you into a journey which begins on a planet already taken by an almost indestructible organism driven to spread and take over any life it touches.

Dark Faction Planets

As the Dark Faction spreads across the galaxy, more and more planets take on the same infected hue. Explore this new environment type and pull planets back from the brink. The more corrupted a planet is, the more hazardous it becomes to traverse.

Dark Faction Building Blocks

Unleash your creativity by building with a new set of organic building blocks. Embrace the Dark Faction by creating corrupted capital ships and planetary stations in any shape you want.

Melee Combat and Weapons

Melee combat has arrived in Empyrion, along with two new ranged weapons. Wield powerful energy swords to cut away the corruption of the Dark Faction up close or take out enemies from afar with the new bow and grenade launcher.

New Tech to Craft

The Dark Faction DLC adds several new devices to craft, including various types of turrets and Dark Field Generators and Nullifiers, allowing you disrupt enemy tech.


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