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Eleon Game Studios video policy

Using the guidelines below, Eleon Game Studios (hereafter referred to as “the publisher”) grants permission for users to make videos (Let’s Play, reviews, walk-throughs, etc.) with the publisher’s game content, images, audio, music, and/or cutscenes and publish to YouTube, twitch.TV, or similar digital services.

– Use of our content in videos must be non-commercial, i.e., you can’t charge users to view or access your videos.
– You are not allowed to sell or license your videos to others for a payment of any kind.
– You are not allowed to take assets from our games (e.g. music, voice, items) and distribute them separately.
– Absolutely no racist, sexist, homophobic, poor taste, or offensive content
– Keep videos focused on gaming and away from overtly controversial topics

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in the publisher having the video removed. The publisher will, at its sole discretion, determine if a video does not comply with these guidelines.

You are free to monetize videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites.

The publisher retains all ownership and rights of its produced content, and may terminate or change the terms of this agreement at its sole discretion.

Copyright © 2014 Eleon Game Studios. Background image by Karissa Cole.