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Dark Faction: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Faction Spreading

The Dark Faction dynamically spreads across the entire galaxy. It will gradually conquer both uninhabited and inhabited solar systems.

How to detect its progress:

  • On the galaxy map, you can see that a solar system has been overtaken by the Dark Faction by an orange hexagon.
  • At the sector level, you can see a mark with two exclamation points behind the names of affected planets.
  • On your screen, a progress bar is displayed in the top right corner next to the radar, giving you information on how far the Dark Faction has advanced into the galaxy.

Only enter these solar systems if you are well-prepared AND remember to always keep a way to retreat open (base with “Home” activated in the Control Panel!) if you cannot escape from enemy ships or the effect of the Darkfield! Not only are the Dark Faction’s weapons superior to yours, but also their armors and the electromagnetic interference fields, aka “Darkfield”, which can deactivate unprotected generators and thrusters (see research/arsenal topics)!

The Darkfield

The Darkfield affects devices and weapons. Depending on its strength, it can cause generators and thrusters to fail or weapons to become ineffective.

The strength of the Darkfield varies by the playfield difficulty level from 20% to 80%.

If your handheld weapon or tool is affected by a Darkfield, you will see black lightning sparks around the barrel and a message in the bottom right corner.

By researching Darkfield Neutralizers, you can protect weapons and devices to a certain extent from the effects of the Darkfield. Each technology level of these Neutralizers has a different range and can be placed on bases or large spaceships. (check the hover info cards of the devices ingame)

Also: Devices and weapons that are modified through research with a Symelite modification or are based on Symelite are generally immune to the harmful effects of the Darkfield.

The Dark Pillar

The Dark Pillar is the source of the Darkfield. It is placed on the planet upon the conquest of the sector. Sometimes it stands alone, sometimes it is placed on top of larger structures with a base beneath it.

This means: To deactivate the Darkfield, the Dark Pillar must be destroyed!

This is done either by navigating through a dungeon in a base below the pillar and triggering a destruction mechanism or, if no base is present, simply destroying the Dark Pillar with ship weapons by aiming at its tendrils (not shooting at the pillar itself!). For this, use for example the researchable Symelite Mod for plasma cannons and turrets (SV and HV).

Note: There is always ever only ONE Dark Pillar on a planet. And they are only placed on actual planets – not on moons or in space playfields.

The Corruption (Symelite)

Wherever the Dark Faction takes over a planet, it will corrupt it.
Several things happen in this process:

  1. The Darkfield envelops the planet, its orbit, and its moons.
  2. On planets, the weather changes (Electrostatic Anomaly) and plants are replaced – depending on the strength of the Darkfield – with a peculiar type of overgrowth.
  3. In orbit, a vision-obscuring fog forms.

The corruption is itself is driven by a fungus-mycelium-like structure based on an entirely new material specificity, called Symelite.
The organic mycelium, infused with Symelite, penetrates both building materials and, most importantly, living beings, having dramatic effects on them.

Tip: Research the Symelite with the Research Station (Symelite) that you can build in the Large and Advanced Constructor, to unlock modifications for weapons or entirely new devices! The research dialogue will provide further info on this.

Lifeforms & Dynamic Evolution


The corruption has drastic effects on living beings: Whether in the wild or in stations, the creatures and NPCs are overgrown by a symelite-infused, fungus-like parasite and turned into mindless helpers of the Dark Faction. They are always aggressive – even if their original form was the nicest companion or a harmless herbivore.

Dark Spawn

In addition to the corrupted beings, dangerous xenomorphic creatures arise in the overgrown areas: The spawn of the Dark Faction.
This dark spawn dynamically evolves into ever more dangerous and larger variants!

The stages of development:

  • Egg Phase
  • Larva
  • Crawler
  • Soldier (has an invisibility mode!)
  • Queen (can lay new eggs)

Given time, an egg will eventually become a queen!

Combat Tips

Normal, unmodified weapons (both handheld and on vessels/bases) are hardly effective against the Symelite-reinforced body structure of the Dark Spawn, especially if you are also under the effects of a Darkfield.

As a rule of thumb: Plasma and laser weapons work better than projectile or chemical weapons. Rockets are somewhere in the middle.

Better use the swords or the specially Symelite-modified ammunition of the bow and the grenade launcher for ground combat as corrupted creatures & NPCS as well as the dark spawn do not use ranged weapons but only engage in close-combat melee attacks.

Other, researchable weapons and devices also help directly or indirectly in combat!

Arsenal - The Dark Faction

Dark Field Generator

Creates a local Darkfield that can significantly amplify the naturally occurring one and worsen its effects locally.
The Darkfield interferes with devices such as generators and thrusters to a point they are shut off and can significantly impair the damage output of weapons.

Dark Field Neutralizer

A device that can negate or diminish the local Darkfield within a specific radius.

Knowledge: As the Dark Faction combines both organic and technological approaches, it also uses this device to specially protect sensitive high-tech areas from the unpredictable effects of the Darkfield, although their turrets, weapons and creatures are not affected by the Darkfield itself.

Turrets: Siege Turret, Blaster Turret, Disruptor

While the Siege Turret represents an organic plasma artillery, the Blaster and Disruptor Turrets are faster-firing variants for various ranges.

Arsenal - Research for Players

Some of the Dark Faction’s devices can be directly researched and used by players.
There’s also the option to research modifications of existing devices to improve their resistance against the effects of the Darkfield.

Research: Dark Faction

Countermeasures: Neutralizer

Protects your devices from the effects of the Darkfield – depending on the level of research, with a better radius and efficiency (See the info card of the respective type)

Turrets: Siege Turret, Blaster Turret, Disruptor

All three turrets can be used on large spaceships and bases.
They roughly match the performance of the originals from the Dark Faction.
However, the spaceship variants do not work on planets.

Construction Blocks: Symelite Armor

Armor blocks made of Symelite with the same properties (color, textures) as those of the Dark Faction.
Tip: The Symelite Armor blocks have over 50 exclusive organic shape variants on their last variant card (Right mouse button > top row)

Construction Blocks: Organic Doors

Organic, manually operated doors that can be used along with the organic shape variants of the Symelite Armor construction blocks.

Research: Original Weapons


Swords vary in strength and durability but are unmatched in melee combat.

  • High attack damage
  • Area damage (within the swing range)
  • Temporary energy shield (right mouse button)


The bow has two firing modes, switchable with the right mouse button.

  • Standard with high headshot bonus
  • Explosive arrowhead with area damage

To reload the bow, switch to the Standard Arrow mode

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher has two firing modes, switchable with the right mouse button

  • Standard (grenade explodes on impact)
  • 3-second timer (grenade bounces off obstacles)

To reload the grenade launcher, switch to the Standard mode

Research: Symelite Modifications

Variants with Symelite modifications are available for various devices and weapons, including drills, multitools, and a plasma-based cannon for Small Vessels and plasma turret for the Hover Vessel.

These modified weapons and the drill retain their normal values but are immune to the Darkfield.

The modified multitools are a requirement to be able to process or dismantle Dark Faction materials and Symelite Armor construction blocks. Unmodified multitools do not work, even without the influence of the Darkfield.

Research Procedure

You can research parts of the Dark Faction’s arsenal and retrofit them for your own purposes. However, not all functions used by the Dark Faction are retained!

In addition, you can also research Symelite modifications for normal weapons and devices, making them immune to effects like the Darkfield.


  1. Build a Research Station (Symelite) in the Large or Advanced Constructor.
  2. Collect
    1. Symelite: obtained as a raw element in eggs or from the bodies of corrupted creatures or those of the Dark Breed.
    2. Research Data (Symelit): obtained as report items by dismantling Dark Faction turrets or devices.
  3. Place the research console in your base or on your ship.
  4. Interact with the research console (F)

The dialogue will guide you through the necessary areas.

About the research dialogue (as of now):

  • Your current player level and available research points are displayed in the research dialogue at the top (in the first lines).
  • If you see unlockables in the research tree (F3 > Symelite Research) but no answer options in the dialogue research areas, check if your player level is high enough OR if you have converted enough research points.

To differentiate:

  • If you have not converted enough research points, some response options in a research area selection will (currently) simply not appear.
  • However, if you have completed a research area, a corresponding message will be displayed in it!

Tip: Raw Symelite yields only one research point when smelted. However, if you consistently refine a piece of Symelite (Raw) into Symelit (Processed), you can turn 1 research point into a total of 12!


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