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Founded:  unclear, ~1500 AD

Government: Zirax protectorate

Religion:  Cult of Empyrion

Home Planet: Talos (not verified)

Main Planet:  none

Focus:  n/a


-Primitive culture (Technology is forbidden; Zirax drones control their settlements)
-Seem to be the descendants of the so called “Elder Talon.”

Additional Description:

The Talon, also known as “Talon Guardians,” are an astonishingly primitive society with little variation. The name, “Talon Guardian” stems from a largely mysterious past with the Zirax. The Zirax impose a heavy toll upon the Talon guardians – zealously sheltering them with drones and other restraints. This may indicate either the Talon pose a threat to them… or are kept hostages for some unknown reason.

Current Relationship with UCH: Neutral

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