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1. Verified Servers need to match the following technical criteria:

1. Available 24h a day / 7 days a week
2. Server updates within 12h
3. No password protection
4. Not hosted on private PC / No P2P servers
5. EAC needs to be activated all the time
6. Offering at least 25 slots

My server is matching the technical criteria. (required)

2. Details about your server

Please add the name of your server (required)

Are you running a default multiplayer or a customized version?

Slot count offered: (required)

What is the average player count of your server (approx. & peak times only)? (required)

When are your server populations 'peak times' ? (required)
(Only approximate; please use 24h timescale: hh:mm / timezone)

3. Location and Specifications

Where is your server based / located at? (Country required)

Please add the name of the hosting company* of your server: (required)

Please add a link to the website of your hosting company*:

Please add the technical specs of your server**:

* If you run your own dedicated hardware or you are hosted in a server center with or without any hosting company, please just add "self" or the name of the server center.

** CPU Type, Cores, Ghz, RAM, SSD or HDD...

4. Server Info and Complaint Management

Each Verified Server needs either a thread in the multiplayer forums to inform players about server changes, updates, specialities and in order to manage complaints (especially if not running the default multiplayer game mode). Please use this as a template: Server Info Example

Please add a link to your servers forum thread: (required)

Please also add a link to your external server website if available:

Please add the Empyrion Forum Nicknames of the server admins in charge of your server and the forum/thread:
(At least 2 are required)

5. Server Monetarization Rules

Please approve that your server is following our Server Monetarization Rules.

Understood and agreed. (required)

6. Removal of Verified Server tag

Please note: Failing to follow the requirements, piling up unresolved player complaints (not related to any game issue!) or changing the server to a setup that does no longer match the aforementioned criterias, as well as other, unforeseen problems or technical issues that are NOT related to the game (but f.ex. to a performance issue because of the server can not handle the player count promoted in "slots offered") might lead to a removal of the Verified Server label!

Understood and agreed. (required)

7. Eleon Contact

Please add the Empyrion Forum Nicknames and email adresses for one or more contact persons for Eleon:

Admins in charge (Eleon Contact) (required)

Are we allowed to add the email adress of the person submitting this form to a server-mailing list?

Optional: please specify more/other email adresses for use in a server mailing list*:

* Only for use in a server-mailing list. No ads. No other topics. By adding email adresses to this list, you agree that we (Eleon) are allowed to send emails to the specified adresses.

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