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Pre-Order “Empyrion – Galactic Survival” and get access to Closed Alpha



If you pre-order Empyrion until June 13, 2015, you will take part in the Closed Alpha of Empyrion. 

Pre-order the Alpha version of “Empyrion – Galactic Survival” today and get access to the Closed Alpha. In addition, you can save more than 30% compared to the price when it is released on Steam Early Access! Please note that by pre-ordering Empyrion you will have free access to all future updates including the finished game. It will be digital download only.

Hurry up because pre-order is for a limited time only! Time remaining before the online shop closes:


 Please notice that the Closed Alpha does NOT immediately launch after the online shop closes.

For more detail, please refer to the information below.




    If you have pre-ordered the game you will receive an email with more information soon





When you pre-order the Alpha version today, you are purchasing a product that will be delivered at a later date. We will send you the corresponding number of keys when the Closed Alpha of Empyrion is launched. The exact release date is not yet fixed but it is scheduled for the 3rd week of June 2015.


More Information about Closed Alpha

What is a Closed Alpha?
A Closed Alpha is a very important step in game development. By participating in the Closed Alpha, you will be able to test the Alpha version of Empyrion to identify any problems or rough edges and help us balance the game. It gives you a chance to not only be the first to play-test a long-awaited game, but also to influence its development. Moreover, we will get an opportunity to receive important feedback that will make Empyrion even better.

How can I participate in the Closed Alpha?
Anyone who has already pre-ordered the game or will pre-order it until June 13, 2015 will participate in the Closed Alpha. We will send you the keys to access the Closed Alpha after the pre-order has closed on June 13.

When does the Closed Alpha start?
We are planning to launch the Closed Alpha in the 3rd week of June 2015 shortly after the pre-order has closed. We will announce the exact date in due time.

How long does the Closed Alpha run?
We hope to have a relatively short Closed Alpha test period of less than a month, i.e., we hope to officially launch Empyrion on Steam’s Early Access mid-July.

For what platforms will the Closed Alpha be available?
The Closed Alpha will be for Windows PC only. You will need a 64 bit system with DirectX 11.

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